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Sustainable Branded Merchandise Consultancy

Want to make your branded merchandise sustainable?

We’re here to help you transform your branded merchandise ranges for the better. We’ll make sure you are gifting or selling merchandise that is in tune with your CSR and company’s sustainability goals.


Sustainable merchandise is more than just the material a product is made from. It’s about ethical production, the carbon footprint, the usability and reusability of an item and it’s about what happens at the end of life of products. With our team of experts, we can help you create a new collection of branded merchandise with the assurance of real environmental responsibility.

Traceability will give your brand peace of mind. 

As part of our consultancy on more sustainable promotional products, we share material information, product grading details, the Carbon footprint of production and all the certification and documentation for the products you are interested in adding to your range.


This transparency empowers you to make truly informed choices. Additionally, we can offer the carbon offsetting for every product purchased and prioritise items with lower emissions.

The Arcadia

Go Green Partner Program

Our Arcadia Go Green Partner Program has been designed for brands who have a long-term focus on a more sustainable and socially responsible economy. By participating in this partnership program, you enable us to align your merchandise and promotional materials with your current and future Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) objectives.


As part of our program, you'll receive a regular impact report listing your thoughtful purchases and the social value they bring, demonstrating your commitment to positive change.

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Chat with our team about sustainable merchandise consultancy.

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