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Arcadia's company merchandise store platform will help you organise and manage the accessibility of your promotional merchandise and marketing collateral globally.

It allows you to take total control of merchandise and marketing collateral, giving you control of your brands image, the quality of products and transparency of usage and spend.

Global employees, customers, re-sellers, distributors and partners can easily access products through your own Company Merchandise Store.


A company store will deliver control of your branded merchandise and the range is generally available to

all employees.

This store is used for staff incentives, personal purchases as well as one off purchases for special events for any of your departments.

We can help you create a collection of carefully chosen promotional products that will complement your brand.

​Global approved users can view and order products 24/7 from their local regional store, with the assurance that all products selected reflect the brand’s image, values and quality expectations.

​Product categories are selected for speedy product selection. Stock availability is live in the store.  Various payment methods can be used in the checkout including secure credit/debit card payments, personal budgets and more!

ServiceNow Merchandise Store
Company Merchandise Store
ServiceNow New Hire Kit

New Hire
Welcome Kits

Show your New Hire employees the culture of your business by giving them a warm welcome and rewarding them for joining.

We help you create the perfect kit of branded merchandise to ensure the new employee remembers their first day at your organisation!

New Hire kits can be shipped to office location for desk drops or distributed directly to the door of your new hires.

​The Human Resources team can manage all activity and view regional stock from a management store too.

All store views are produced with your company's user interface template.

New Hire Welcome Kits


The field marketing store is a busy and dynamic environment!

Arcadia's platform is designed to manage the sourcing, storage and distribution of promotional merchandise, marketing giveaways and event equipment.

Stores can be created for your field marketing teams or regions. Users can only view and order their allocated merchandise stock and approved orders are pushed automatically to the appropriate warehouse for dispatch.

Live stock figures and daily stock reports are available 24/7. Live freight options and costs are displayed in the checkout so users can make informed purchasing decisions.

All sites are supported within region/time zone, by a designated Arcadia account management team.

Hamptons UK Merchandise Store
Field Marketing Store
Apax Merchandise

Customer and Staff Redemption

Reward employees for their work & customers for their loyalty.

We produce simplified merchandise micro stores that allow employees or customers select products and check out using a redemption code. These stores are operated on a regional basis and goods are shipped from the appropriate

warehouse location.

Once the code is entered, no other payment is required and the goods are delivered to an address of their choice.

​Pre-authorized codes can be created and emailed securely to selected individuals to redeem their gift on your company micro redemption store. Expiry dates and other restrictions can be applied to the codes.

Arcadia's reporting tool provides comprehensive reports.

Customer & Staff Redemption

Global Group

Global brands often want to be able to produce one product or a range of products for their teams or offices around the world as a one-off purchase. Arcadia calls this a “Global Group Buy”.


There are a couple of ways to achieve this via Arcadia’s regional businesses.


Global Group Purchase – Scenario 1

Orders are collated around the world from users or office locations around the world for one or more products. The goods are manufactured at one location, which is often in China or another Far East location. Manufacturing the product in one factory delivers consistent branding and product quality for all locations. There is also a pricing benefit with consolidation of orders.

When the goods have been manufactured, the goods are shipped to Arcadia’s warehouse locations around the world in bulk as required and then shipped to individual locations within region.

This process reduces costs, freight and import duties whilst delivering a truly global campaign.

Factory imposed minimum order quantities (MOQs) and longer lead times need to be considered for this type of Global Group Purchase.


Global Group Purchase – Scenario 2

Arcadia has a range of long established and trusted Global suppliers who operate in the global regions where Arcadia has business entities.

These Global suppliers have ranges of products that are the same in multiple regions.

This allows for smaller order quantities and faster lead times on a Global scale.

There are potentially some limitations on branding options because the product is being branded in multiple factory locations, but this is a good option if the MOQ or lead time is a challenge to produce the goods in one factory.

Lenovo Cotton Shopper
Global Group Purchase
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