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New Hire Welcome Kits

Staff Welcome Kits

Give new hires an unforgettable onboarding.

Show your new employees the wonderful work culture of your business by gifting them a staff welcome pack at the start of their employment.

We'll help you create a memorable kit of branded merchandise to ensure you make the right first impression.

What's important is that the items selected represent your company values and are in keeping with your brand's image.

With our wide selection of sustainable products, our team of experts will find the right products for you.

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Why are staff welcome kits important?

Welcome kits, also referred to as onboarding packs, make new employees feel welcomed and appreciated.

It also introduces them to your brand colours, company look and feel, and it immediately makes them feel like they're part of your team.

A good company onboarding increases staff satisfaction and those all-important staff retention rates.

How do we manage and distribute staff welcome kits?

New hire kits can be shipped to your office locations around the globe for desk drops or distributed directly to the door of your new hires.

With our network of warehouses in different regions, we can store and offer fulfilment faster and more sustainably.

Arcadia can also produce a company store so your Human Resources team can manage all activity and view regional stock of your kits online 24/7.

All store views are produced with your company's user interface template and branding with you in control of login permissions.

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Chat with our team about your staff welcome kit needs.

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