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Our Branded
Merchandise Platform

Arcadia's unique online system has been designed to securely manage the ordering and distribution of branded merchandise and marketing materials.

Arcadia's webstore platform connects to and integrates with all of the leading global purchasing and spend systems such as SAP Ariba, Coupa, Workday and Proactis.

Sign On

Single sign-on is a secure and protected user authentication system which allows users to log in and access approved website services without

re-entering authentication details.


Arcadia can integrate with your SSO, enabling your users to easily access the store or stores that Arcadia hosts for your company. Multiple webstore usernames and passwords are things of the past.


Access is controlled by your IT team so when a user leaves, access is easily revoked.

SSO regulates access and keeps personal data secure.

Single Sign On

Purchasing Integration/
Punchout Catalogue

Arcadia’s branded merchandise platform can connect with many different cloud-based purchasing systems such as SAP, SAP Ariba, Coupa, Workday and Proactis. This can automate and speed up the procurement to payment process dramatically.

There are benefits for both Arcadia and the client when a Punchout catalogue is available. Purchases can be approved at set spend limits on the client side and Arcadia can receive a Purchase Order number when the order is approved. The workflow can be fully automated from the creation of an order through to invoice submission and approval.

Automated Reporting and Tracking

Stock reporting is loaded into store user’s dashboards on a daily basis. Reports can be downloaded into Excel easily and quickly for distribution and manipulation.

Order confirmations and shipping notifications with tracking details are sent automatically as an order is placed and shipped from any of Arcadia’s global warehouses.


IT Security, Data Protection and  PCI Compliance

Our platform is hosted on industry leading AWS servers in a number of locations. The platform is a custom build on Adobe Magento technology and securely integrates with Sage 300 for each of Arcadia’s regional entities.

All global online payments are taken securely by Stripe which means that no credit/debit card details are seen or stored by Arcadia. Penetration tests and vulnerability scans are routinely performed to identify any security risks. 

A full IT Security document is available on the PromoB2B platform upon request. Please click here to request a copy.

Arcadia is fully GDPR and ICO compliant.


Regional store prices are based on the local currency where the store is managed and the product is warehoused.

Stores can show costs in multiple currencies if required.

When paying via Stripe with a debit/credit card, users can select the transaction currency of their choice.

Gift Codes

Gift Codes/
Redemption Codes

Gift codes or Redemption codes can be generated to allow users to select merchandise products and place their orders, without needing payment.

Unique single use codes or generic codes can be generated. The codes can adhere to various order rules to ensure regulated use.

Full reporting is available.

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