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Global Group Purchase

Global Group Purchase of Branded Merchandise

What is the purpose of a group purchase?

Companies and their brands often want to be able to produce a one-off piece of branded merchandise or a range of specific products for their teams to use in different departments and offices across various global locations.

A group purchase facilitates the collective order of the same products, allowing brand consistency, efficiency and cost savings.

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What is a company merchandise group purchase?

A merchandise group purchase is the pre-order of a product before the production process begins, this is generally typical for custom made merchandise or clothing.


The group purchase is communicated via a portal or company store to invited participants in various departments across a company. A full description of the product along with images are shown on the store, so the participant can see what they're ordering.

Various checkout and payment methods can be used including secure credit/debit card payments, purchase order numbers, personal budgets and redemption codes.

The order does not go to production until the group purchase has been closed and the orders have been collated. There after, the lead time for delivery of the branded merchandise will be between 3 - 16 weeks, subject to the products chosen and the location of manufacture and end delivery address.

In group purchases, a collective minimum order quantity (MOQ) will apply and will need to be achieved in order for the products to be made.

Often the end price will be based on the quantity of the overall final order, the scale of pricing will show a reduction as the order quantity rises.

What is the process of setting up a group purchase?

Using our web platform, we set up the selected range of products and communicate the offer to selected individuals.

The secure platform enables users to participate and place an order.

Information is collected with full contact and delivery instructions, so we can provide management reporting and process the orders and distribution throughout your organisation.

Whatever your requirements, Arcadia will find the right solution for you.

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Please contact us if you have a project we can help you with. 

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