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Company Merchandise Stores

Company Merchandise Stores

What is a company merchandise store?

A company merchandise web store is an online platform where authorized users can easily browse and place orders for your company's merchandise.

The platform enables you to centralise the management and facilitate the distribution of your branded materials throughout your organization to employees, global offices, customers, and your events.

Company Merchandise Store
Company Merchandise Store

Why invest in a Company Merchandise Store?

Having a customised company store will deliver you control of your branded merchandise.


First, we create a collection of carefully chosen promotional products that will complement your brand and its values. Then, we build you a web store solution to allow you to manage and distribute that merchandise as you need.

Company merchandise stores can be produced to serve a number of purposes. They can be created and used for staff incentives, for staff or departmental purchases, or to help satisfy your marketing and field marketing needs.​

What can I expect from my Customised Company Store?

Arcadia can create a company stored that is truly customised to your needs. Due to our global offices and warehousing solutions, we’re able to provide a service where globally approved users can view and order products 24/7 from their local regional store, with the assurance that all products selected will reflect the brand’s image, values and quality expectations.

Like many online store solutions, our company web stores will allow you to list your merchandise within product categories for speedy product selection. You can also control which users have access and can order which of your promotional products.

Stock availability is live in the store and we can alert you when levels are running low. For those wanting paid checkout options, various payment methods can be used in the checkout including secure credit/debit card payments, personal budgets and more!

Whatever your requirements, Arcadia will deliver the right solution for you.


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