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ServiceNow, a leading global software platform provider based in California, approached us wanting to update their existing outdated global merchandise stores, to coincide with the re-brand of their logo.


They required an updated merchandise range featuring the new logo and design graphics.

The branded merchandise needed to reflect their company values and usage so therefore be premium and sustainable whilst being relevant to global users.

ServiceNow Merchandise Store

Arcadia built a custom store to facilitate all of ServiceNow's user and design requirements.

We did this by utilizing our in-house design/development team and regional product merchandisers.


Each of the regional stores allowed users to login via SSO (single sign on) and check out with options of store credit, voucher or card payment.


The merchandise range was a great success that surpassed expectation across all regions.


Many subsequent stores were then created to accommodate additional solutions for field marketing, new hires and the logistics of conference/exhibition equipment and collateral.

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