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Why staff gifts are a great investment for your business

Inspiration for companies trying to hang on to their best people

The talent gap is now ‘a thing’ in almost every sector right now, as most organisations are finding it harder and harder to find the quality of people they need to drive their business forward. Of course, the shortage of potential employees in the market place also makes it vital for companies to keep hold of the top talent they currently have in the building.

The fact is, companies that value employees and treat them as their greatest asset outperform those who don’t by more than 200%

A great way to say thank you

One way of showing your employees you care is with the odd gift, now and again. This can be even more effective if you don’t just stick with expected occasions such as the first day in the job, birthdays and company annual get-togethers. Gifting has even more impact when it’s unexpected and is triggered by outstanding performance, one-off successes or special effort that goes beyond the call of duty.

Spontaneous gifts show your people they’re valued and help to foster the loyalty you need in the tricky current climate.

Arcadia’s huge selection of staff gifts

Branded merchandise specialists, Arcadia, has an extensive range of gifts for you to choose from. The choices you make will depend largely on how much you want to spend. We have some great options for those on a budget as well as for those keen to invest more on staff perks.

Here are some suggestions of ‘trending’ staff gifts that are proving particularly popular with our customers this year:

Gifts for your staff and the planet

In a recent survey, 48% of employees said they would actually take a pay cut to work for a company that’s environmentally responsible[. You can show your people you care about them and the environment by gifting them something from our ECO range.

This collection includes everything from recycled pens to wildflower seed ball boxes and from bamboo solar powered calculators to high-end recycled fashion wear.

Drinks on the company

Gifting reusable water bottles to your staff is another great way to demonstrate environmentally-friendly values and to help combat the issue of disposable plastic waste polluting our oceans. Our extensive range varies from low cost foldable bottles all the way up to stainless steel bottle and cup sets from the world’s leading brands.

Time for a clock?

With hybrid working on the increase, more and more people are setting up an office at home. Contrary to what some bosses might have expected, 57% of organisations have reported that their employees are more productive than they were when they worked full-time in the office.

Maybe, it’s time for a wall or desk clock from our selection that will remind your hard-working team not to put in too many hours at home. You could even customise your chosen timepiece with your logo and a pertinent message from the company.

Spread the feel good factor

Despite its popularity, one of the negative by-products of the new hybrid working model is a rise in mental health issues such as loneliness and anxiety. Seven out of 10 employees who work from home are feeling more isolated than they did when they worked full-time in the office.

Maybe one of our healthy lifestyle products would be a good way to show your people you have their best interests at heart. Who wouldn’t want a reinvigorating travel gift set or a wellbeing essentials kit?

Check the tech

Tech products are currently trending big-time in the world of promotional merchandise, and something from our state-of-the-art collection of gadgets would always be well received. Take your pick from our impressive selection of promotional power banks, branded USB sticks, smartphone and laptop accessories, branded headphones and speakers.

There’s certainly plenty to think about with so many great product options to choose from, no matter how much you’d like to spend.

To discuss staff gifts or any other aspect of branded merchandise, contact our Sales Team, they’ll be delighted to answer your questions and make some inspiring recommendations perfectly suited to your business.



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