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What a company merchandise store can do for you

An online company merchandise store is a portal where your employees, customers and re-sellers can easily obtain your stocked company branded merchandise and marketing materials. It can build your brand awareness whilst streamline the process of the ordering and distribution of your merchandise, taking payments, budget codes or redeemed voucher codes.

Your Branded Merchandise and merchandise store can be used for many different uses, occasions, and events.

Show your New Hire employees the culture of your business by giving them a warm welcome and rewarding them for joining.

We help you create the perfect kit of branded merchandise to ensure the new employee remembers their first day at your organisation!

New Hire kits can be shipped to office location for desk drops or distributed directly to the door of your new hires.

Sending good directly to Global offices or your events

Orders can be placed online and sent immediately to any event, exhibition, office or home address. If you have any goods left over or unused goods they can be returned for a credit.

Signing Up Incentives

Offering a branded gift is a great way to tempt and encourage prospects and customers to sign up for your mailing list, newsletters, subscriptions or events and activities. Sign up gifts by redeemed automatically as part of the sign up process or from your merchandise portal using a given vouched code on sign up.

Customer & Staff Rewards

Reward employees for their work & customers for their loyalty.

A merchandise reward store can allow users to select products and check out using a redemption code. These stores are operated on a regional basis and goods are shipped from the appropriate warehouse location.

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