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Sustainable Merchandise Benefits Our Planet and Your Business.

Updated: May 14

Choosing to brand environmentally-friendly merchandise says the right thing about your company's values.

Can you remember the days when sustainability was a mere nice-to-have in the corporate world? Now it’s right at the top of the Board Meeting agenda; and for good reason.

These days, sustainability is being driven as much by the demands of the customer as it is by Government guidelines. In recent research, 88% of customers said they would be more loyal to a company that supports social or environmental issues.

But talking about sustainability is no longer enough. Now customers are demanding proof of sustainability credentials with your products and services. If you can’t provide it, your customers are likely to go and find it elsewhere.

Bringing sustainability to branded merchandise

The merchandising you use to promote your company will come under the microscope too. If you’re claiming it’s sustainable, you need clear evidence that it really is. Deliver authentic sustainable merchandise and customers will warm to you and your profits are likely to increase as a result; particularly as the need for a wholesale reduction in emissions intensifies in the coming years.

Wherever possible, choose merchandise products made from environmentally-friendly materials like bamboo, organic cotton or recycled paper. By doing so, you’re helping reduce the use of harmful non-renewable resources. Better still, biodegradable promotional products don’t end up in landfills or floating around in our oceans.

Here’s the amazing thing, use sustainable merchandising and you’re doing so much more than just supplying a sustainable product. You’re actually encouraging people to sit up, take notice and consider their own attitude to sustainability. You’re effectively spreading the word and advocating a more responsible lifestyle.

Take advantage of blockchain and NFC technology

Thanks to the latest generation of innovations such as blockchain and NFC (Near Field Communication), consumers now have more control over the products they use. Just by scanning an NFC label, it’s possible to instantly access details like product information, certifications, importer status and country of origin.

Blockchain technology provides the visibility that environmentalists have been crying out for. Transactions recorded on the blockchain cannot be changed and a trail of authenticity is created that cannot be tampered with.

Environmentally-friendly merchandise from Arcadia

Arcadia Merchandise Solutions are a full-service merchandise agency working across the UK, EMEA, NORAM and APAC regions. We specialise in the supply and distribution of high-quality, ethically-sourced and sustainable promotional products. Our range of ECO and fully sustainable promotional products is vast.

Our ECO recycled Goodsocks, for example, are made of 50% recycled cotton, 45% recycled PET and 5% elastane. The recycled cotton is made from textile waste of other products. No bleach, paint or other chemicals are used in production. The process is 100% natural, saving approximately 1,000 litres of water per pair of socks. Produced in Europe, the socks meet the important Oeko-tex standard.

Our Fare 7379 Bamboo Okobrella is a sustainable product made from bamboo parts. It has a lightweight bamboo shaft, Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified polyester cover material made from recycled plastics, bamboo tips and a straight bamboo handle.

Thousands of sustainable merchandise products to choose from

Our Bio Tote Shopper is made from 80 micron PE and is biodegradable or compostable. Our Recycled Notebook with pen uses 100% recycled paper and even the pen has biodegradable parts. The translucent 500cc Sports Bottle is not only reusable and recyclable, it’s also biodegradable.

And so the list goes on. There are thousands of ECO-branded products in our range and it's growing by the day.

It’s not just our products that come with a stamp of approval for sustainability. As a business, we’ve been certified with ISO14001. This is a British Standard that requires organisations to have an environmental policy and action plan to manage their impact on the environment.

Speak to one of our experts

So, if you’re looking for a wide range of sustainable merchandise products, or any other kind of merchandising solution including branded merchandising or new hire kits, our sales team is ready to answer any questions you might have.



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