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Global Group Purchase

Global Group Purchase

Global brands often want to be able to produce one product or a range of products for their teams or offices around the world as a one-off purchase. Arcadia calls this a “Global Group Buy”.

There are a couple of ways to achieve this via Arcadia’s regional businesses.

Arcadia Van

Global Group Purchase – Scenario 1

Orders are collated around the world from users or office locations around the world for one or more products.

The goods are manufactured at one location, which is often in China or another Far East location. Manufacturing the product in one factory delivers consistent branding and product quality for all locations. There is also a pricing benefit with consolidation of orders.


When the goods have been manufactured, the goods are shipped to Arcadia’s warehouse locations around the world in bulk as required and then shipped to individual locations within region.


This process reduces costs, freight and import duties whilst delivering a truly global campaign.

Factory imposed minimum order quantities (MOQs) and longer lead times need to be considered for this type of Global Group Purchase.

Global Group Purchase – Scenario 2

Arcadia has a range of long established and trusted Global suppliers who operate in the global regions where Arcadia has business entities.

These Global suppliers have ranges of products that are the same in multiple regions.


This allows for smaller order quantities and faster lead times on a Global scale.


There are potentially some limitations on branding options because the product is being branded in multiple factory locations, but this is a good option if the MOQ or lead time is a challenge to produce the goods in one factory.

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